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Toronto born painter, Lisa Crouch, graduated from the illustration program at The Ontario College of Art and Design. Using a highly detailed watercolour and pencil crayon technique she did illustrations for Penguin Books, McClelland and Stewart, Delmonte, Seagram's, Dempster's and numerous magazines.

Experiments with acrylic paints in the early 90's transformed Lisa's art. A looser, more spontaneous style emerged and a natural ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of a scene. Lisa is equally skilled at depicting a city street sparkling after a rainfall or the serenity of an early morning in Muskoka.

Although she loves painting city scenes, it is nature that restores her soul. Watching the sun rise through the mist, seeing dew covered spider webs sparkle like jewels and listening to the early morning exuberance of birds, all bring Lisa feelings of great joy and inspiration.

Lisa's work hangs in private and corporate collections. She recently sold 4 paintings to the City of Toronto for their art collection.